Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day in Australia - 2 Sept 2012

One of my friends on facebook posted a great comment on his wall today, "To all the men who may not technically be a dad, but who are an active father figure to a child - this is your day too." (Robby Stuart)  So true.

We were reflecting this week at work about the various Father's Day Art Work and Crafts that we have made for our Dad's through the years and Hand-Made Cards, too.  Precious memories.  I know that I have seen some of the gorgeous notes and pictures that Peter has received over the years, too.  No price tag can be placed on these items as they are priceless, like our memories.

Today Peter and I remember both our Dads.  Peter's Dad was taken from him too early - similar to how it was for my Dad.  While I do not know exactly how old my Dad was when Papa passed away, I know that I was seven (7) years old and unfortunately, I do not remember Papa.  I never got to meet Mom's Dad Clarence as he passed away well and truly before his time, too.

Similar to Papa (Art, Brenda's Grandpa on Dad's side), Clarence (Brenda's Grandpa on Mom's side), Eric (Peter's Dad) and John (My Dad), all four men were great men to whom we remember and honour today.  We love you and miss you.

I met a man yesterday who knew Peter's Dad Eric and spoke of the wonderful business man that he was and how he faithfully served in the church.  I would have loved to have met him.  Peter was a very young man when his Dad went to be with the Lord and Chasely never had the opportunity to meet her Grandfather neither.

We reckon that there is a huge Father's BBQ being held in Heaven today for them and all of the other Dads and Dad figures that have been Mentors through the ages.  Whilst we very much miss their being with us here today, we are thankful for the promise of being reunited with them one day.

Left to right - Eric Grimes (top and bottom), Chasely and Peter, and Papa and John (top) and John (bottom).

I must find a picture of Grandpa Clarence Culp.  I know who to contact - Aunt Barb!

Happy Australian Father's Day to Men all over the world.  God needs you!

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