Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Knock Knock

My journey continues but thankfully I believe I am getting somewhere, but what a wonderful reminder on Sunday that I do not need to strive in my own strength, but to float down God's river of life to His destination for me.

I loved the analogy that Julianne gave about floating, too, because it reminded me of what my Dad taught us as kids when we first were learning to swim.  To this day I can easily float on my back in the water with my hands by my side or even like Dad used to, with my hands raised behind my head - chillaxin (is that a word?).  Deep breath in and hold and relax and it worked like a dream.

Julianne had given us a hand-out with reference notes on her message and she used this simple piece of paper to help us remember how hard it gets to hold the piece of paper with our hands extended out in front of us while she listed all of the many things that we may be worried about or upset over or causing us stress and frustration - our arms were feeling the pain of the burden of holding up that measly little piece of paper by the time her exercise was done, but it got the message across - loud and clear.

As I continue to float each day, I am trusting God with my destination but I was also encouraged by Holley Gerth's recent blog post, that even when I am not sure what the next step is, to take one step forward and trust that God will make the next move for me and that is exactly what I am doing.

What does that look like for me?  Well, even though I was a bit scared at the idea of doing it, another friend reminded me about what I would do if I was not afraid and I do not need to be afraid, right?  Exactly!  No, not always easy, but I will daily remind myself that God is in my boat and He will calm the storm; maybe not right this second, but I will remind myself to float.  Even when the wind comes and the waves rise and I cannot see the horizon for the mist, just keep my eyes looking upward.  An appropriate song - Hillsong United - Ocean.  I remember Dad taught us kids to float to relax but also to be prepared in case.....well, you get the picture.  Swimming whether it be the dog paddle or front stroke or even the back stroke takes more energy and you would become tired sooner, but laying on your back and focusing on your breathing is calming and it is easy to stay afloat!

So, while I float, I have started knocking on doors and submitting job applications and praying that God has my next destination already worked out.  If I am to stay or go, I know that He will guide my steps.