Sunday, August 15, 2010

Should Melodies Be Changed? interesting question?  I have often thot when hearing bands of the 90's and now the 21st Century try to remake a classic song that you should have left it alone - that it the way the writer meant for it to be.

At church this morning, one of my all time favourite worship songs "I Love You Lord" by Laurie Klein was altered and even thot very subtly, personally, it didn't work for me.

So, I've since gone on YouTube and found some beautiful videos/slide shows for some beautiful arrangements of the song.  I'll share them with you a bit later on - you might enjoy them, too.

The writer Laurie Klein wrote that song in 1974 during a very depressed time - below is a link if you'd like to read the whole article, but a couple of highlights I thought were interesting:
  • "It was a very hopeless time, a very depressed time," she summarizes. "I felt the poverty of my own life keenly at that point, both emotionally and physically."
  • "That morning I was so empty," she says, recalling her time with the Lord. "I knew I didn't have anything to offer Him. I asked if He would like to hear me sing . . if He would just give me something He would be in the mood to hear."
  • Now 47 years old, Laurie Klein is more driven by a thirst for intimacy with God than ever
  • "We must be prepared to meet Him no matter who we're talking to or what we're doing, whether we're worshiping in church or worshiping with all the tasks that make up our day."

Personally, I really appreciate the atmosphere which fosters an intimacy with God and Holy Spirit.  If I can imagine only on a very small scale Laurie's feelings on that Autumn morning that God gave her this song, she was broken, dry and needing God desperately in a very quiet and solemn way - to fill her up totally in a way that we know only God can do.......sweetly, beautifully, gently, peacefully...........quietly drawing us by His Holy Spirit into His presence which in the end results in a sweet, sweet sound in His ears!  Hence, why I really appreciated finding these videos and singing along with the music and adding the harmony line that I often sang back in the day.   I hope you enjoy them, too.
First, here is the link to the whole story: 
And now, a couple of YouTube Links where you can enjoy the song, too:

And another good one that I really enjoyed is an arrangement from the WOW Worship 1999 CD Series - CD1 
Number 11, sung by Kristina Hamilton.
I love all the pictures of candles and the comment on the youtube video says it beautifully:
"If you want to spend 3 minutes in candlelight and relaxation, please listen to this beautiful song, enjoy the pictures and feel the stress leave you! Let God fill you up with His peace - you wont regret!"  And then an interesting comment made by a listener on youtube was very appropriate "I love the video it is very good at breaking down the walls and being in His presence."

Yes, I believe it is important that we have quiet worshipful moments as an individual, but how much more powerful when we have beautiful, quiet, spirit-filled times of corporate worship as demonstrated so awesomely in this video as Michael W Smith leads a massive filled auditorium in the song "Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty".  Love the violin!  Enjoy!