Friday, August 28, 2009


Me and my Grandma Mason!

I'll keep this entry short, but will try and write more later........... Grandma Mason didn't miss a beat - she recognized me immediately when I came into the library where she was having her dessert.

You see Grandma is suffering a bit of dementia, but hey, she is doing well for 89.

A big thank you to my little bro John and niece Allison and nephew Nicholas for organising the visit and for the great Sushi Lunch Feast!

My beautiful niece was so excited to see Grandma and she was showing Grandma the pictures from the special celebratory day we had recently at Aunt Barb's.

Love this shot!


I have alot to be grateful for - I have been blessed with very special friends!

And I wanted to see everyone on this trip to Canada, but my time always goes by too quickly and travelling around the place is pretty tiring, so I arranged for the visit to be a bit different this trip! And it worked out great!

I emailed an invitation to friends (& family, too - yep, some can be both believe it or not!) to visit me at my parents' apartment in the hometown where I spent most of my growing up years! Not everyone could come which I completely understand - it was a bit short notice (remember, my trip was a surprise, so noone knew I was travelling overseas until some received the invite), but I really appreciate everyone that made the effort because some had to drive in from out of town.

We had some nibblies - savouries and sweets and punch - raspberry/cream soda & sorbet.

Here's my spread.

It was great seeing all of you and thanks for the emails and phone calls, too!

Here's a collage I created from the day!

I found a great coffee mug in the Christian Bookstore yesterday and I love what is written on it!

The Joys of a Lifetime are times shared with Family and Friends.
Favorite People, Favorite Places, Favorite Memories of the past - These are the joys of a lifetime. Those are the things that last!

I'll say "Amen" to that!

PS - Can't wait to enjoy a coffee in that mug, too!

Friday, August 21, 2009


What a great cake! Happy 70th Birthday Mom (Bev), Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad (Bev & John) - top left, Happy Retirement Uncle Gary - top right, Happy Recovery Karen - bottom left and Welcome Riley - bottom right.
Aunt Barb gave a lovely speech and handed out celebratory Hawaiian lei's to the special people. Aunt Barb said it beautifully, too - our family had a lot to celebrate and to be thankful for! Yes, is too short!

Aunt Barb - can I post the picture of you giving the speech? Thanks Aunt Barb.

Aunt Barb had a beautiful bouquet with flowers from her garden and I love these 2 pictures... The photo of mom and dad was taken by me - we were going to a wedding that day...I'll have to look in my album when I return home to work out the date. The other picture is mom and her siblings with Grandma Mason. God bless Grandma, she is still living, but has recently been placed in a nursing home in Simcoe - I'm hoping to get to see her.

This is a picture of mom and dad I took on the day of the party. Love you mom and dad.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Who doesn't like surprises? Well, I have got a good one to share with you.....

My Mom and I were co-conspirators in the plan to surprise my dad and family and friends for a very special occasion. You see, it is Mom's 70th birthday this month, Aug 5 to be exact and Dad and Mom celebrate their Golden Anniversary this month - 50th - on Aug 29.

So Mom's sister Barb was organising a special day for
the family to get together on Aug 16 and mom sent me an email on a whim back the middle of July hoping that I may be able to make a special trip to help celebrate this momentous occasion. Well, God blessed me with His favour to allow the plans to work out and yep, the surprise was successful.

We couldn't tell many folks because we di
d not want to risk any information leaking out and someone writing something up on facebook, and nope, dad nor my brother John could believe it when Mom told them the news of my arrival.

Thursday morning Aug 13, Peter and I headed to the Brisbane, Queensland, Australia airport at 8:30 am and after 24 hours of travelling, I arrived at my parent's apartment at approximately 11:00 pm the same evening in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (yeah, do that math, eh?).
Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post a follow-up article and more pictures of my trip so far and the big day we had celebrating with family several significant happenings.

Also, more details to follow, but I'm planning an open house at Mom and Dad's for friends and family this coming Saturday to pop in for visit if you are free.

Well, it is late now here in Canada....12:44 am to be exact; so I'll wish you all a good night or good afternoon depending on which time zone you are reading this post in!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

If You Can't Beat 'Em...Join 'Em

And why wouldn't I want to join 'em, 'cause it really is a cool thing to do....blogging and people who know me, know I enjoy writing. In fact, I have been told that I write like I talk which is narrative style writing. Nope, I'm not a bullet point sort of person and that can be problematic when I am communicating to the some people and more particularly the male species; my husband for

So, yeah, I have joined the ranks of Bloggers and may even still join the Twitter folks, too; but hey, one thing at a time I say. I am already a big fan of facebook.

Enjoy your afternoon everyone and see you again soon.

Brenda :)

PS - Here's my pizza creations from last night....getting better at my thin crusts!