Friday, August 21, 2009


What a great cake! Happy 70th Birthday Mom (Bev), Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad (Bev & John) - top left, Happy Retirement Uncle Gary - top right, Happy Recovery Karen - bottom left and Welcome Riley - bottom right.
Aunt Barb gave a lovely speech and handed out celebratory Hawaiian lei's to the special people. Aunt Barb said it beautifully, too - our family had a lot to celebrate and to be thankful for! Yes, is too short!

Aunt Barb - can I post the picture of you giving the speech? Thanks Aunt Barb.

Aunt Barb had a beautiful bouquet with flowers from her garden and I love these 2 pictures... The photo of mom and dad was taken by me - we were going to a wedding that day...I'll have to look in my album when I return home to work out the date. The other picture is mom and her siblings with Grandma Mason. God bless Grandma, she is still living, but has recently been placed in a nursing home in Simcoe - I'm hoping to get to see her.

This is a picture of mom and dad I took on the day of the party. Love you mom and dad.

There were lots of cameras clicking and videoing during the day and we made sure to get a group photo. Now, it should be mentioned that we had some other guests that had travelled, too - Mike, Jen and Maddie were in town from Barbados, but we missed special cousins from British Columbia.....Will, Tara and Paula (Will, you should have stayed a bit longer!) - he, too had surprised his mom Aunt Val with a visit a couple of weeks earlier - 'tis the summer for surprises!

Oh, and we took a cousin one, too; but unfortunately, we are missing a few including Riley and Sam who had to leave...poor Riley wasn't feeling 100% that day but goodonya Sam for making an awesome effort and coming out and being part of the special day!

So, there's a few highlights of our special family celebrations day! God is so good!

Hey, my overseas visit with family has been great and I'm looking forward to seeing friends on Saturday! I'm holding an open house at mom and dad's in the afternoon - I tried to send emails to everyone, including everyone on my distribution lists, but hey, please share with others that you think may be interested - as emails change, people move and there are a few that aren't on email, too! If you need the details, address, etc, send me an email.

Thanks and I'll try and share more about my trip soon including pictures!!!


  1. Details for tomorrow please, your facebook is down for some unknown reason, they are trying to fix it.
    John Carson

  2. Way to go Brenda, that was awesome:)
    I loved doing this for your Mom and Dad, and the rest of the family.
    Yes you may put a picture of me saying my speech.
    It was such a bonus having you there Brenda.
    Love you, Aunt Barb