Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mumbo Jumbo

There are so many different types of great music out there and this past Sunday Peter and I had the opportunity of listening to an all girls band called Mumbo Jumbo and I have included a couple of videos I created from their performances.

The first video is photos I took with my 'newish' camera that I am still experimenting with - must get to a course soon.  But yeah, I love the continuous shoot, so I used this feature a bit and it is displayed well, I think, in the video along the music background which is from the live video footage I took, too.

Mumbo Jumbo is also on facebook and they are based in Maleny and Peter and I are related to one of the performers - our niece Mathilda, who is obviously featured in some of the photos and video.

The second video is the simply the video footage I took and again, I am experimenting a bit with the video that is included in my SLR camera.  The video format is .mov, so I had to convert to .avi files as I am using windows movie maker at the moment; and a bit frustrating, too; because the program crashed several times while trying to make both videos, but I persevered nd voila, I finally got the end result I was hoping for.

Hope everyone enjoys watching the videos and I look forward to being able to watch and listen to the girls perform again soon.

As a matter of interest, Mumbo Jumbo were featured at the Australian Day festivities at South Bank in Brisbane in January earlier this year and make appearances at lots of other functions and music festivals.

Enjoy, Be Blessed and Shalom (Peace!).


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Beautiful Sunset

This is a shot of the sunset from our front driveway the night we arrived home from our Easter weekend in Gladstone.  It was stunning.

As the sun moved a bit farther down into the horizon, the shades of orangey red grew and became more intense.  A pity that I was not by the water - that would have been a spectacular view.

Our God is an amazing creator, don't you agree?

Enjoy, Be Blessed and Shalom (Peace!).