Monday, August 24, 2015

His Mercies Are New Every Morning

This is a short story about a gal whose name is Rebecca.  Her year started out okay but then she learned the news that her Mom's condition had worsened - you see, she had cancer which had metastasized and spread into her liver, kidney and blood.  Rebecca had married a man who did not live close to her Mom and siblings, so she knew that she wanted to go and spend some time with her Mom before her condition really deteriorated.  What a blessing that time was - a real special gift that she will forever treasure in her heart - memories that can never be taken away.  Rebecca's Mom passed away and the celebration of her Mom's life was amazing - whilst she was sad that her Mom had died, she was happy at the testimony of her Mom's life - her legacy lives on.  Even in the midst of her Mom's passing there were some other challenges that befell her but God stood by her and kept her strong.  She would grieve later.

Later came and she returned home and thought her life would return to normal if she could even remember what that was, but alas, more disappointment was coming her way.  Just when she thought she had endured all the pain she could, she encountered more loss.  Her job.  She asked questions, lots of questions and felt lots of pain in the process of being moved out of her job, being assigned to a completely different role and unsure of her future vocation, but the one thing she does know, "His mercies are new every morning." 
Rebecca is still grieving the loss of her Mom and others including her job, but she is so thankful that God provides strength for each new day in the midst of this season.  He provides this strength to her by way of the support of a loving husband who has been there through it all, caring and praying friends and family, a loving and thoughtful church family who have encouraged her to remain in Him and her beautiful children to whom bring her so much joy and she is so proud!

Rebecca has sought professional help through this journey as well and continues to do so; something she would strongly recommend to anyone experiencing grief.  It is not a sign of weakness, but rather of strength to pursue healing and wholeness.  Rebecca would like to encourage anyone travelling along a similar path; that pain is uncomfortable but a necessary part of the process; that has to be walked through.  There is no defined schedule; we are all unique.  It is important to be patient with yourself and recognise when you are having an off day, that is okay - something Rebecca has to remind herself of, too.  She believes the pain never truly ever goes away - some wise women from her church shared the analogy that the scar is still there; she will not feel it as much some days and other days, a memory, smell or sound may cause the pain to come to the surface again.  Never be afraid of the tears - by suppressing the pain and the tears, they will only cause more pain.  Rebecca is continuing to see a counsellor to help her process her grief.  She is very grateful for the men and women who provide such a valuable and delicate service to those in need.

Rebecca is thankful because He will turn her mourning into His time....