Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jessie & Jake Wish Memphis A Happy 1st Birthday With The Help Of SendOutCards

As is indicated in my "about me" paragraph at the top of my blog page, my husband Peter and I have two puppy dogs - Jessie and Jake who are Kelpie/Cattle Crosses. We love our puppies a whole lot and they are, in essence, our 4 legged children. Peter has a gorgeous daughter, my step-daughter; but we do not have any children of our own (not by choice per se); however, I do not want to get off topic.  I have written about the puppies in the past and some of the challenges we have had; e.g. neighbours complaining about them barking and finding rental properties that are pet friendly and adjusting to our dogs being outdoor pets.

Jessie and Jake

Although my puppies will always be my favourites, I love most any dog and a lot of animals; e.g. cats and horses and I came across a couple who live in Michigan, USA who have Siberian Huskies and they share their lives with their puppies via various social media networks - YouTube and Facebook just to list a couple.

I started to follow them over a year ago I believe and they lost their eldest puppy Shiloh in Jan 2013. Shiloh was gorgeous and she was the eldest in their pack of 3. Last year Jessica and Jamie decided to increase their pack size to 3 again and acquired an adorable girl Memphis who just turned 1 on the 4th of April. Because I appreciate the time and effort and smiles and laughter the whole pack bring to me (& even Peter sometimes), Jessie and Jake and I decided to create a special birthday card and video for Memphis's 1st Birthday and used the helpful online service of SendOutCards to make it happen, complete with a tasty gift of dog treats for Memphis to share with her siblings, Shelby and Oakley.

Front cover of Birthday Card

The inside of card complete with code to scan to view video!

The Siberian Huskies are called Gone To The Snow Dogs and you can view them on their YouTube channel and in the about section when watching a video, click more and it lists all of the other websites they have up and running, too; including a channel Without The Snow Dogs.

They posted a video of Memphis opening up her presents on her birthday and Jessie and Jake's gift arrived in time to make the video and if you do not wish to view the whole video, you can go directly to 3 minutes 10 seconds that shows the card and gift.

Happy watching and Gone To The Snow Dogs were pretty happy to have reached 50,000 subscribers on YouTube just  prior to Memphis's 1st Birthday - How cool is that?

If you are a pet owner and reading this blog article, make sure that you give your pets an extra hug today and let them know how much you appreciate them; after all, they give their unconditional love to us daily, an analogy of God's love to us!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Man In The Moon

While I was outside tonight in the backyard with the puppies, I looked up to the horizon and there was a beautiful orange haze along the edge of the sky. The sun had gone to bed, but it was still leaving its mark behind; out of sight, but not out of mind you could say!

I love sunsets, sunrises, clouds, birds, the ocean, sand and the sky. Whilst I believe that God is all around us, omnipresent, and not up in the sky or heaven as some would call it, there is a calm that the sky brings, in the evening light with its twinkling stars and it makes me ever more aware of my Heavenly Father and He is afterall, the creator of the sky.

So my eyes wandered upward just a wee bit and there he was...."The man in the moon." About an eighth of him was visible to me tonight and hey, not a bad shot with the iPhone. Alas, I really do need to invest in the tripod to get some good night shots.

No, I do not think of 'the man in the moon' as God; in fact, I do not even know where the expression originated from. I remember the saying from my childhood days and it immediately came to mind tonight when I saw the moon. Pretty cool how the angle of the earth rotating around the sun is what gives the moon its glow in the evening sky; whether it be an eight, a quarter, half or even full moon. I have never really studied the moon and stars alot, but I do believe that the next time we see a full moon will be Easter weekend.

Not sure why Easter is scheduled around the full moons, but it is pretty cool that whilst we over here in the Southern Hemisphere do not see the same stars (the Big and Little Dippers are not visible to me during the day and similar the Southern Cross is not visible during the day in the Northern Hemisphere), we see the same full moon.

The Big Dipper
The Southern Cross
The Southern Cross on the Australian Flag

I have said it before and I will say it again and keep saying it - How cool is God that He created all of this - How majestic is He! In light of my challenge to myself this past weekend, in which I am going to get more in touch with my creative side and write at least one blog article a week, I thought hey, this is a good opportunity to start.