Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be - One Of The Questions

Now, I have never been a historian, so I really don't know if the video below is completely accurate in that Albert Einstein said these things to his professor or not, but what I do know that it is a very profound video and gets us to thinking and this is good.

I had a look on a couple different websites and I believe that as Albert Einstein got older, he changed his views and did, in fact, believe in God.

For anyone interested in pursuing this further, I recommend reviewing Louie Giglio's DVD series.

One is Indescribable - Here is a small taste.

Another one is entitled "How Great Is Our God".Again a quick introduction to show you why you need to buy it!

The message on the DVD will give you something to think about.  Why not do a google search on Laminim.  Or check this out!

And then, there is Kirk Cameron's website (which is were I researched a bit about Albert from) - it is an excellent reference point as well.  The Way of the Master

Happy investigating!

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