Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Recent Adventure - Queen Mary Falls

Queensland had another long weekend this past weekend gone by, so Peter and I embarked on another adventure, but this time we did not head for the coast.
Instead, we headed inland a bit through Teviot State Forest after driving through the very full Moogerah Dam.  It was a bit windy, steep and narrow heading up through the State Forest, but our faithful little Honda Jazz proved itself again.  We drove over a couple of brambling brooks and passed herds of cattle grazing along the roadside.  It was a beautiful day for a drive.
The drive took us just under 2 hours and once we arrived, we decided to take in the sights straightaway and then went on the walk that takes you to the bottom of the falls and then back up to where we started....we did not rush as we took in the sights, so it took us just over an hour. From memory the signs says to allow 40 minutes.
Going down hill was pretty easy, but by the time I reached the top, I'll admit I was a bit winded....but hey, if Peter and I keep this up, we may even be able to join our friends John and Astrid!  Just would take alot for us to join them on them bush and mountain walks.
The air was so fresh and cool - it was a lovely day for a walk and yes, I took some photos.  Below is a video I put together complete with the sounds of the falls and the water travelling downstream.
After our walk we enjoyed a bite to eat at the local cafe and then headed over to visit the birds.  They are very tame and you will see how I was able to feed them straight from my hand.  Peter took some good shots and there is one in particular that shows off the brilliant green of the king parrots and the crimson rosellas are beautiful, too.
Well, it is time for bed for me, so I'll attach the video now and sign off.  Talk again soon.

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