Sunday, May 9, 2010

What to write today?

What to write today? So many thoughts whirling around inside my head.

Yes, it is Mother's Day, Sunday, 9 May 2010 and it is interesting that this day is celebrated by Australia and Canada and the US (& probably other countries, continents, too); but yet, Father's Day is different...hhhmmm....I wonder why that is?  Research for another day I think.

So, first, Happy Mother's Day to Moms, Mums, Mas, Mummys and Mothers and a special Happy Mother's Day to very special and beautiful Mom! My Mom! Luv ya xo

My family in Canada celebrated another significant event last weekend - my mom's mom turned 90! Happy Birthday Grandma Mason.  Although Peter and I weren't able to be present at the celebrations, we sent special greetings via YouTube and also participated via Skype - special mention to my brother John and cousin Daniel for coordinating the Skype call and showing our video greeting to Grandma.

Here's a view more photos of the celebrations including the family visiting Peter and I via skype and my immediate family photo (minus me!)  All the family took awesome photos and thank goodness for facebook! It is a great way to share the memories....

Back Row - John and his children, Allison, Daniel and Nicholas and Cathy

Front Row - Mom, Grandma Mason, Dad and Bently (Cathy and Taylor's dog).

Oh, wait...two of the cousins.... and one of Aunt Barb and Grandma - you see she was also celebrating her birthday - 60th.  She was born on her mom's birthday!


Beautiful table, gorgeous flowers, love the colours and the cake with the picture of Aunt Barb and Grandma - very nice!

Family and friends are, indeed, very important and I am thankful that technology allows me to stay in touch; in fact, an hour ago I just rang my brother on his mobile, to discover that he is with mom and dad enjoying a Salvation Army bank concert in Guelph!

I rang mom and dad, too and left a voice mail message for them and particularly to wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day and to invite them via the skype call for Sunday brekky/brunch.

In closing, to all my friends at Childnessnotbychoice praying for all of us today. We are thankful for our Mothers; altho we, ourselves, were not able to be mom's by choice, we rejoice with you (all moms across the world), but it is still hard. Friends, be kind to yourselves-some years are more challenging than others, but thank goodness, our Heavenly Father comforts us.

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