Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Greetings from the Grimes'

Greetings from the Grimes’                                                                                 29 December 2009          

Wow…it has been an eventful year and Peter and I are very blessed to be enjoying a bit of a break between Christmas and New Year’s.  God blessed us both with permanent job this year – I am currently working with the Department of Education and Training in Human Resources and Peter was successful in obtaining a Senior IT position with a division of the Department of Mines and Energy at SIMTARS close to our new home.

Yes, we had to leave our rental property in Forest Lake so we decided to move closer to our church home – Westlife.  Peter’s morning commute has been shortened substantially, but I am blessed with a wonderful friend who I receive regular rides to the Brisbane City every day with.  Our new home we found has enabled us to keep our puppies Jessie and Jake and has a reasonable sized yard and a water tank which was a real bonus. Not to bore you, but I created a slide show/video mainly for overseas family and friends-email me and I'll send you the link if you'd like to check it out.

My other big news was I had the opportunity of joining the Crown Law Choir in the City and in addition to performing 8 times in Government Buildings, we recorded and sold CD’s to raise funds for the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade.  The music “The Little Drummer Boy” playing on the slide show/video of our new home is from the Crown Law Choir CD.

The other big news from our family is… We have a Graduate! Congratulations Chase – Well done! Those who are friends on the fabulous facebook will have seen Chase’s Formal Pictures and she looked beautiful!  She did extremely well and achieved an OP Score 1 – for my North American rellies and friends – this is the bestest (yep, love my good grammar!) and means that Chase’s opportunities are wide-open; e.g. whatever area or uni she wishes to study at would be pretty much a guarantee.  She truly deserves this as she has been extremely disciplined balancing her studies, dance and work all at the same time! And Chase’s other exciting news – she has her “P” plates and her own car – this gave her a bit more independence and flexibility during her senior year and will be a real bonus next year as she starts Uni to study Physiotherapy!  Her father and I are very proud of her and were able to celebrate her OP score with her recently and look forward to having our Christmas soon!

Peter put Computer Solutions Sales and Service Forest Lake to bed earlier this year but he continues to challenge himself, looking for new business opportunities.  I won’t recount all of this year’s past memories; e.g. my surprise trip back to Canada; but rather encourage you to check in with Peter and I every so often with our blogs which we both enjoy writing. Mine is: and Peter’s is We always enjoy connecting with you by email, facebook, blog, etc.

God bless and we trust that you had a good 2009 and are looking forward to an awesome 2010.

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